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I'm currently heading the design team at Forward3D, a multichannel global digital marketing agency based in London and New York.
The team takes care of Forward3D's own branding as well as client work.
In 2012/2013 we rebranded Forward3D with the aim to reposition our brand closer to the fashion industry's visual language, position where the agency operates mostly today.
I’ve been lucky enough to have in my team some extremely talented designers and developers over the years here at Forward3D.
The tasks I’m leading and overseeing include print design, web design & online interactive, display advertising, video design, photography, and even office/interior design to an extent.
Most of the work is carried over by the team I am leading, collaboration with our internal development team, and a network of freelancers and consultants we’ve built over the years and with which we collaborate regularly. 

Forward3DBranding & Collateral (2013/present)

New Look, user generated content aggregator – Application Design & Delivery (2016)
New Look wanted to integrate a user generated photo-gallery within, where fashion style “selfies” could be easily uploaded, in order to engage their users, generate traffic, and showcase products available from their online catalog.

To be able to develop and maintain properly the photo gallery’s software, the main application, built by Forward3D’s development team, runs on separated and dedicated virtual machine.
The data is then passed over to via an API, as this streamlined New Look’s internal teams’ workflow for managing and styling of the pages on their end.

The application lets users upload the pictures from their devices, or share them via social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) and showcase New Look products pictured in the images via a search and tag function during the upload and& publishing process: Get The Look.

Additionally, an automatic scraper periodically includes all #thisisnewlook tagged pictures from Facebook and Instagram to the gallery.

All the content uploaded is cued for moderation and approval by New Look’s community managers via a custom built back-end panel.

Secret Cinema, Facebook Canvas Ad – Ideation & Design (2017) 
Facebook Canvas Ad Format for Secret Cinema’s release of Moulin Rouge.
Interlinking several canvas ads together, the user is presented a multiple choice story that ends with a particular profile based on the provided answers. All the Canvas visuals have been produced from stock photography in After Effects.

Virgin Holidays, dynamic display campaign – design & setup (2016/2017)
Creation & implementation of data driven dynamic template for display creatives: increasing efficiency by producing an exponential number of creatives with a reduced number of builds also enabling the capability of using external data for a better targeted creative with dynamic relevant message based on strategy, site traffic, audiences, geo, language tech and time.
Different campaigns have been running over several dynamic profiles in Google DoubleClick Studio, combining different data points like: holiday destination, price, gateway location (nearest airport to the location of the user).

Video variations of the creatives have been proposed to the client and implemented at a later stage during the campaign as well.

Pinalytics, analytics tracking web application for Pinterest – UI Design (2012), online mobile contract comparison – web & UI design (2007/2010)
Omio was a mobile phone comparison and community site. Launched in November 2007, by Forward Internet Group, it used an ajax interface that enabled user to “live filtering” of thousands of mobile contracts at once.

Forward Internet Group/Forward3DPhotography (2007/present)
Staff portraiture for internal & external use.